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Should I try to replace garage door springs myself?

No! The dangers of replacing a garage door spring are mostly due to the outdated mechanisms of the actual door; many customers are unable to recognize the difference between models and old garage doors do not have safety cables to keep the spring in place. This lets loose springs that are strong enough to go through walls, scratch and damage cars and even injure or kill you.

Why do you only use high quality parts?

When replacing or repairing a specific part of the garage door, the hope is to solve the problem for the longest time possible. The quality of the replacement parts you choose may mean a large difference in longevity. High-quality parts guarantee durability, on the flip side most standard replacement components only work for a while before they begin to develop faults or cause other parts to fail.

When should I call Hometown Garage Door?

When your garage door is squeaky, popping, or loud you may be getting close to a complete door failure. We provide free on site estimates so you can call and we can spot and fix problems before they become larger more expensive threats.

How often should I replace my rollers or tracks?

Typically, homeowners are often advised to replace their garage door tracks and rollers after two years. A lot of the designs have no ball bearing, and that makes them highly prone to corrosion.

Do you do both commercial garage doors and residential garage doors?

Yes! We can service, repair, or install any commercial garage door or residential garage door.